“Jennifer is a highly creative and collaborative consultant. She is extremely dedicated to producing a high-end product with every detail accounted for in both the design and facilitation. She is a pleasure to work with and has received kudos from both human resource colleagues and business executives. Jenn has an approachable style which fosters communication among participants and yields interesting classroom discussions." - December 2009

Jodi Rabinowitz, Head of Learning & Development, BNP Paribas

“Jennifer is a dream to work with. She is collaborative, yet takes full responsibility for her projects. She builds strong relationships with the end client by being a good communicator, finishing the work accurately and on time. Additionally, she is a very knowledgeable organizational and learning and development professional."  - March 2009

Margaret Holt, President/CEO, Holt Learning

"I have had the great pleasure of partnering with Jennifer Miraglia for the past year on building a global learning program for the Infrastructure functions at Jefferies & Company. During the course of our time working together, Jennifer has illustrated subject matter expertise in the areas of leadership and organizational development, project management, vendor assessment and selection, relationship building and facilitation. She assimilated well into our team and with our client base. We were very productive and also had a lot of fun working together!   A particularly notable outcome of Jennifer’s consultancy with us was the development and facilitation of a global management training program. I have seen tangible and immediate results within my client base in that managers are now, on a daily basis, employing the core methodologies covered in her program to communicate more effectively and creatively motivate, inspire and manage their teams. As a regional HR manager of a large population, this has had great impact on my practice as my clients are now empowered to take independent action when faced with workplace situations and when coming to me for coaching/collaboration. Now, they have already done the foundational work to assess the correct steps that need to be taken, allowing for a more productive and engaging dialogue all around." - December 2012

Suzanne Sollferino, Vice President Human Resources at Jefferies & Company

 “Jennifer provided impeccable service in the delivery of programs for goal setting and individual developmental planning for managers and employees. Under tight timeframes,  she effectively contracted and delivered exactly what was promised. The programs she developed are being used in a variety of functions in Pfizer." - March 2009

 Cheryl Franz, Associate Director, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals

“Jennifer has had significant experience in Leadership Development and Human Resources. My Company at the time was in the process of changing employee mindsets around its compensation program. Jennifer created a workshop for leaders that was practical and focused. Her work was detailed and delivered on time. She listens to client needs, thinks ahead, asks specific questions, and creates work that fully meets needs. Jennifer, thank you!”  - March 2009

Susan Domotor, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals

"I have had the privilege of working with Jennifer for the last 4 years. Jennifer has provided consulting services to Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts through her firm, JM Consulting, including developing customized trainings for departments, serving as a coach for employees at various levels of the organization, as well as providing HR counsel to me. Jennifer takes the time to truly grasp uniqueness of the organization, asks thoughtful questions to understand an issue, and offers many perspectives on how to view a matter at hand. She is an excellent facilitator, utilizes various strength assessment industry tools, and has the skill to bring people together who may seek different ultimate goals. She is empathetic, but straightforward when providing counsel. Jennifer has proven to be a valuable resource to supporting the growth and development of our staff." - May, 2018

Stacey Tunks, Director Human Resources at Lincoln Center Performing Arts

"I was fortunate to learn of Jennifer through a former colleague's recommendation in March 2010. We worked together on a daily basis for 15 months through the end of June 2011.   Jennifer's services were required to help Allianz Global Investors, working with myself, build a Learning and Development program for our employees in the US. The process included a thorough needs assessment in which feedback was received from approximately 230 employees, designing a curriculum which included e-learning, putting in place a LMS, identifying and vetting instructors and content for all of our instructor led programs, and working with an external vendor to further design and implement a suite of Leadership and Management programs. Jennifer's work in all of these areas was excellent. Her creative thinking, subject matter expertise, ability to work well with others, follow through, and persistence were invaluable. We achieved all of the above during her 15 month tenure and, with her help, have successfully transitioned to a full time US Head of L&D. In addition to Jennifer's above strengths, especially valuable to us was her ability to not only consult and design, but to execute. A combination of these skills will benefit our employees going forward as a result of the curriculum we have put together." - June 2011

Steve Ricci, Managing Director, Head of Human Resources at Allianz Global Investors (Americas)

"It has been an absolute pleasure to partner with Jennifer over the past few years. From the very first project we worked on together, she took an approach that is set in understanding our companies realities and strategic objectives. Coupled with her highly collaborative approach, everything she has helped us build and deliver has yielded the desired impact for our employees.Jennifer has enabled our team with real solutions to build our future learning capabilities, making her a true strategic partner. I look forward to more opportunities to work with Jennifer." October, 2017

Liz Pavese- Kaplan, Director, Organizational Development, Healthfirst

"We retained Jennifer to conduct focus groups with employees following results from an employee survey. She was able to engage 100% of our colleagues to draw out feedback that directly tied back into actionable plans. Her manner of engagement was thoughtful, not only because of her deep understanding of our company and industry, but also because of her exceptional ability to motivate and engage individuals to find the answers together." - March, 2015

Sue King, U.S. Chief Marketing Officer at Allianz Global Investors

 "I hired Jennifer to help form a learning and development strategy from scratch for my firm. Working together for over a year she became a trusted advisor who gained  immediate traction with clients and the HR community. She is responsible for shaping our strategy, however she also does an excellent job executing. She is extremely creative  and resourceful, while sensible regarding how to successfully implement with financial services clients. She holds herself accountable every step of the way. I look forward to  engaging Jen soon to facilitate management training." - April 2012

 Margaret Belden, Global Head of Human Resources at Jefferies & Company

"The best learning and development trainers support business initiatives tactically and help drive strategic change within an Organization. Jennifer does that and more. She is an outstanding facilitator and overall business consultant. Jennifer is an invaluable asset to any HR team because of the breadth of knowledge she brings to the table.  While working with our HR team at AQR to assist in the implementation of a new Performance Management Review Process, we often relied on Jennifer to strategically help align the goals of the business to the performance review process and to assist in putting together creative presentations to effectively deliver the concepts and material to managers. During implementation, she was an effective communicator, often serving as a liaison to many members of the AQR team. This was especially seen when Jennifer facilitated the course to senior managers to assist them in learning new tools on how to effectively communicate with employees. She engaged her audience and was able to teach each manager new key skills to assist them in managing their teams. Her creativity, resourcefulness, and ability to see the deliverables through made the project a success." - August 2013

Cindy Drexel, Vice President, AQR Capital Management

"I worked with Jennifer to develop a departmental strategic plan. This was a new process to me and Jennifer expertly, and empathetically guided my team and myself to develop a strategy that was galvanizing for the department. Jennifer's process was customized to the particularities and needs of my team and myself in a way that produced an optimal exercise and maximized impact. The work continues, and Jennifer has remained engaged to ensure that the work is executed to generate positive change."  April, 2017

Peter Duffin, Senior Vice President Brand Management at Lincoln Center Performance Arts

"Jennifer was instrumental in designing and delivering a leadership intervention for our Americas Human Resources Business Partner community.   Jennifer is astute, commercial and adaptable.   Her communication and facilitation skills are excellent and she couches learning messages in a sophisticated and compelling manner. We were very happy with the outcome." - August 2019

Amanda Rajkumar, Head of Human Resources for BNP USA and CIB Americas at BNP Paribas

"Jennifer is a strategic organizational development consultant with incredible facilitation and program design capabilities who takes the time to intimately understand her audience and develop programs that meet their unique needs. There is nothing “off the shelf” about Jenn’s work as she finds creative and relevant material for exceptional learning experiences. She is the easiest consultant to work with on the market and genuinely cares about delivering a quality product for her clients." - April, 2016

Jodi Rabinowitz, Assistant Chief Human Resources, Organizational Development at The Metropolitan Museum of Art

"We were incredibly fortunate to have Jennifer lead a series of in-depth communications workshops for one of Lincoln Center's largest divisions over the course of 6 months. Whether it was working with our senior team or the entire staff, our work with Jennifer focused on breaking down barriers between departments and increasing our ability to communicate across all staff levels. Institutional transitions, albeit exciting, can prove problematic if not managed properly--Jennifer's professionalism, attention to detail, and willingness to customize her services to our specific needs gave us the tools to not only become a more cohesive group of colleagues, but to manage and lead change in exciting and responsible ways." - June, 2018

Alex Sarian, Acting Executive Director, Lincoln Center Education at Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts

"Jennifer has partnered with me in many projects while I worked at Pfizer.  Including leadership development, goal setting, performance management, and team development.  Jennifer has depth and breadth of expertise in the field of leadership and organizational development.  Jennifer takes the time to really understand the need of the client and assignment and she works diligently in her work to meet deadlines and produce results.  She believes in true partnership and I would highly recommend Jennifer and the work she offers." - December 2008

Lisa Danels, Director, Leadership Development, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals 

"Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative." - December 2008

Hasan Husain, Director, Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals

Client Feedback

"Jennifer is a great consultant and advisor.  Highly organized, political sensitive and astute, no nonsense and focused on results.  Highly recommended." - December 2008

Tom Osmond, Managing Director at Goldman Sachs & Co.

"Jennifer takes the time need to fully understand the business need and promptly replies with a timely and practical approach.  Jennifer has worked in developing Colleague and Leader Development Resources for our HQ groups." - December 2008

Eileen Curran, Senior Manager at Pfizer Pharmaceuticals 

"I worked with Jennifer to develop a Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) training program for approximately 50 people at varying levels within the organization. During the planning process, she carefully listened to our objectives, welcomed feedback and adjusted as necessary. During implementation, Jennifer facilitated a combination of group sessions and one-on-one coaching. Participant feedback said she was engaging, easy to connect with, and very knowledgeable in the topic. The program was a success, and after a number of requests, I'm working with Jennifer to rollout training to more individuals." - September 2014

Meghan Kies, Vice President at AQR Capital Management

"​I have partnered closely with Jenn while she's been a consultant for our Zoom Talent & Organizational Development Team. Jenn is masterful in all elements of talent development as she applies her impressive knowledge to content creation, facilitation, OD work and coaching. Jenn has truly listened and skillfully asked meaningful questions to understand the needs of our organization, to then help shape learning and development programs. Not only is her content creation valuable and engaging but her facilitation skills, ability to read a room (even virtually) and on the spot coaching is impressive to watch. Jenn is an expert in her field but is also a joy to partner with. She is pointed and clear, while also being patient, thoughtful and kind. I learn from her in every interaction! I would jump at the chance to work with or for Jenn on any future OD or learning and development work!"

Aundrea Dahl,  Talent and Organizational Consultant at ZOOM

"I recently completed an executive coaching program with Jennifer. I can't say enough great things about her and the results of the coaching process. She worked hard to understand our company culture and the context of the challenges I faced personally and the challenges my team and company were facing. She gained a great understanding of my strengths and weaknesses both through our individual sessions and through sessions with my direct reports and with my manager. We developed a detailed coaching plan, modified it over the course of the coaching period, and constantly measured progress against it. And the progress was rapid and visible, both from the perspective of my team and my manager. We are planning for her to coach additional individuals in our company, and I look forward to seeing those results. I highly recommend Jennifer as an executive coach." - May 2020

Ben Steele, Vice President at Prime Clerk

 "Jennifer has worked as a facilitator, trainer, and program designer with Holt Learning since 2003.  Not only are her business and professional skills exceptional, but she is a  pleasure to work with.  Holt Learning has profited from Jennifer's ability to design and execute creative, content-rich workshops. The following participant evaluation of  Jennifer in a recent workshop is an example of what we hear: "Friendly, helpful and a great facilitator.  Very knowledgeable and an excellent motivator!"   - March 2010

 Suzanne Hawley, Holt Learning

 “Partnering with Jennifer Miraglia to set up a brand new seminar on strategy and collaboration in Americas was a great, effective experience. When working on the program  design, Jenn demonstrated strong commitment, availability and flexibility in the whole process, bringing innovative ideas and advice to make the seminar impactful, building  highly customized and dynamic content to support our business goals. When facilitating the seminar, Jenn was very enthusiastic, energetic, encouraging group participation and  keeping momentum all along. Her contribution was highly valued by all participants. Jenn was key in making our seminar a success, and I strongly recommend working with  her." - September 2009

 Laurence Demarchi, Regional Head of Learning & Development, Asia Pacific at BNP Paribas

"Jennifer is a fantastic partner - she is current, eloquent and relatable to audiences at all levels. She has an excellent way of asking thoughtful, timely questions that inspire better decision making.  I highly recommend Jennifer for HR consulting, talent and organizational development work." - November, 2016

Amie Major, Head of Talent Management at E*Trade​

"Jennifer has facilitated our management development programs at Tiffany with great results and feedback. She also partnered with me on a survey project, offering great outside and expert perspective, which led to great results. I would work with her again in the future without hesitation." - August 2010

Darcy Semple, Director, Global Leadership Programs at Tiffany & Co.

 "Jennifer takes a very practical and effective approach to her projects.  She provided us with great feedback on the methodology for our project.  Jennifer's work product was  excellent and timely.  I was very impressed with her support on our project.  She was a great partner." - April 2008

 Mark Kibel, Senior Director, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals

"Partnering with Jennifer has been one of the best investments we have made in our people and organization. Traditional "training" often misses the mark as it's designed for the masses and usually generic. As part of her engagement with the AllianzGI IT Operations team, she made sure she understood our goals and desired outcomes and customized the program for our employees. The results of her engagement have been very apparent as our team continues to reference the material covered and "live" the techniques she help educate us on. Jenn really knows her subject matter and understands that how you deliver knowledge is as important as what you deliver. I'm looking forward to partnering with her again in the future." - October, 2014

Frank Garofalo, U.S. Head of  IT Operations at Allianz Global Investors


"I highly recommend Jen Miraglia for any training program development or leadership needs you may have. I have worked with Jennifer on two very different projects and both resulted in successful outcomes and a strong appreciation for her work.  Several years ago, she came in to help us build a training curriculum from scratch. That effort laid the ground work for the Learning and Development program we have today.  Recently, I needed a facilitator for a very important strategic planning offsite. I thought of Jen and asked if she had done that type of work. She had and our engagement with her was excellent. She was creative, collaborative and, most important, flexible in her facilitation and able to "read the room" and know when to let things go, shut them off or take a break - all important components of a successful meeting. When we hit a roadblock, she was very good at using various tools to pull us out or get us around the issue so we could move forward. She was fun, engaging and professional and added real value both in the planning stages as well as during the meetings." - June 2013

John Carroll, Head of US Retail at Allianz Global Investors

"The Met Breuer recently partnered with Jennifer to develop a comprehensive staff training program. She helped us rethink our approach and helped design a thorough training and leadership development program that engaged our new team for the museum. Jennifer was a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend her to anyone looking to build upon existing organizational development or seeking to start something completely new. Her product is fresh, relevant and is an asset to any organization large or small. Our team LOVED her!" - March, 2016

Amy Romero, Senior Manager of Operations, The Met Breuer at The Metropolitan Museum of Art

"​​Jennifer is a remarkably astute and talented trainer and facilitator.She is knowledgeable and experienced, and she patiently and effectively brings that knowledge and experience to her clients.  She is an excellent listener, patient, organized, and a pleasure to work with." - December 2018

​Stephanie Basta, Attorney and Human Resources Professional, Prime Clerk

"I've had the privilege of working with Jennifer earlier in my career as well as hiring her as a consultant to provide services to my firm and internal clients.  Jennifer is an avid professional, has excellent consultative and interpersonal skills, and is a trusted advisor.  She provides creative solutions that resonate with the clients. Whenever I'm asked for an OD/Training expert, Jennifer's is the first name that comes to mind!" - January 2009

Lynda Cantatore, Executive Director at JP Morgan Chase

"I was lucky to connect with Jennifer when I worked with her as my executive coach. Jennifer was an excellent resource to me, and provided me with diligent and caring insights. Working with her allowed me to grow and understand better some of the behavioral habits that were hindering me from moving past challenges I was experiencing professionally. I highly recommend her guidance and counsel for executives who need honest and direct feedback in a compassionate style. She is efficient, organized, and supportive, and I hope I can work with her again in the future." - April 2020

​Jessica Baker Vodoor, Vice President of Operations at The New 42nd Street

"I recently had the pleasure of partnering with Jennifer at JM Consulting while taking on new responsibilities at work. Jennifer is an insightful and thoughtful partner who quickly established herself as a trusted adviser. Her guidance was always practical, thoughtful and effective. Working with Jennifer was a true pleasure! I couldn't recommend her more highly." - January, 2016

Aimee Almeleh Smith, Client Advisor, Blue Mountain Capital Management

"Jenn Miraglia is an extraordinary partner, a sensitive and engaging facilitator, and a thoughtful leadership counselor.   She has a singular talent for establishing trust with employees and provide actionable insights.  Jenn is an invaluable partner in creating an engaging and high-functioning work environment.  I recommend her without reservation." - April 2019

Allison Rutledge-Parisi, Vice President, Chief HR at The Metropolitan Museum of Art

"I first met Jennifer after she covered my responsibilities while on maternity leave.  Based on the thorough job she did in my absence, I hired Jennifer to help design and create a workshop and associated leaders guide. Using her knowledge of the subject and her creativity, she delivered a well thought out, highly effective product. She was an outstanding partner, extremely reliable and knowledgeable in the learning and development arena.  I would highly recommend working with Jennifer." - December 2008

Stefanie Robinson, Director, Talent Development at Pfizer Pharmaceuticals 

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What's Clients Have To Say

"JM Consulting Group was a valued partner in a recent global cross-divisional project. Jennifer Miraglia quickly built relationships with the project team, partnered with us on the overall strategy and delivered a quality result in a compressed time line!" - June, 2015

Joe Palumbo, Human Resources - Leadership Development & Learning at Novartis Pharmaceuticals